Preformed Ponds

Here is a small selection of what we have available: Base Ponds & Base Pools, Marginal Pools & Ledge Pools and Cascades & Waterfalls, for a full extensive list of ponds & pools available please see our sister company:

Base Ponds & Base Pools

Base Ponds and Pools can be used as water reservoirs for waterfalls or cascades, and are also attractive as a stand alone water feature. VIEW A SELECTION HERE


Marginal Pools & Ledge Pools

Marginal Pools have varying depths and offer the option of planting Lillies and Marginal Plants together. They give a deeper pool for fish. Can be used as Base Pools for Waterfalls and for Statues. They are also very good Fountain Display pools. VIEW A SELECTION HERE


Cascades & Waterfalls

Cascades and Waterfalls can be used as attractive design features in most gardens.

Cascades come in three sizes: Mini, Small and Large. These pools have a lip to allow the water to run down into another cascade or pool at a lower level. From the pool the water is pumped up again to the highest cascade. You can see and also hear the water falling, with a relaxing sound, almost hypnotic and very effective. They will complement any base pond or pool.

Waterfalls usually feed a base pool or pond, cascading down as many levels as you choose. You can choose to have the water “falling” to the next level of the waterfall, or tumbling down over the surfaces if you prefer, many effects can be created within your garden to create a unique environment for you to enjoy. VIEW A SELECTION HERE

Base pools & ponds

Marginal Pools

Cascades & Waterfalls


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