Pet Fish Supplies

Tanks for Turtles, tanks for tadpoles, tanks for tropical fish, tanks for cold water fish ... Have we missed anything? We hold in stock plenty of tanks from 22 litres to 245 litres and can order in special tanks at your request. Our range of Aqua One tank accessories include, aquarium heaters, aquarium thermometres, pumps, filters, water testing kits, fish nets, tank lights, aquarium backgrounds and water conditioners is matched only by our range of fish food, supplements and live bacteria (TLC).

Other brands we stock are JBL, Wardley, API and Pond Care.

As you would expect, we are keen to promote the use of live plants in tanks and ponds and we sell aquarium plants as well as bulk pond plants for larger outdoor ponds.

We have had a lot of interest in our range of Frozen Fish food including Frozen bloodworms, frozen shrimp and frozen turtle food. Many fish keepers believe that a fresh frozen diet is best for their fish and we improve and widen our range of frozen fish food regularly. Find specialist frozen food for Cichlids, goldfish and community fish in our freezer.

Bring your fish queries into our fish experts, With years of experience in keeping fish, we'll be keen to help you with your enquiries.

See our fish supplies in the gallery below or better still, come and visit us and see for yourself why Carine is the best pet fish supplies store in Tauranga.