Landscape Gallery

Landscape Project 1
Carine Landscaping were asked to come up with a design that dealt with a number of issues that the client had with their section. Primarily, there was a steep, unstable driveway that crossed a boggy area overrun with aquatic weed. There was also a request to create low maintenance areas on either side of the driveway. We came up with a scheme that satisfied the needs of the client and added a few extras like composting bins and raised beds around the retaining walls to help make life easier for them. See the images below to get an idea of how things looked before, during and after.
Before the projected started - driveway During the project, close to completion - driveway After the project has been completed - driveway Before the project started - top of driveway During the project - top of driveway During the project - top of driveway
Landscape Project 2
Our client was thrilled with the new drive and retaining wall that Carine Landscaping installed for him. "Glenn seems to have an uncanny ability to organise all his projects in the most cost effective and efficient way and utilises his time to give the greatest advantage to whatever task he sets out to acheive, his entire team runs like clockwork, they are always punctual, considerate and are tireless workers with unusually broad skills that encompass a wide spectrum of difficult situations within their industry."
Before the projected started - driveway During the project - driveway Close to the projects completion - driveway Before the project started - parking Close to the projects completion - parking
Landscape Project 3
Carine Garden Center were asked to remove a pond and install an easy care water feature. Carines Landscaping division rose to the challenge. Another happy customer.
Before the projected started - stream overview During the project - stream overview During the project - whats left of the stream After the project was completed Before the projected started - rear view After the project was finished - close view
Landscape Project 4
A Tauranga Retirement complex asked us to remove an indoor planting area from their foyer and replace it with an easy care water feature. After removing the existing trees, we selected artificial rock from our EZI ROC range and built the water feature. We were aware that the air conditioning system would evaporate the water within the feature so we fitted a ballcock to refill the feature as required.
Removing the old garden Removing plants and base from the old garden During the project - Installation of EZI ROC feature components Plumbing in the water feature Water feature Nearing Completion Job Done. An indoor easy care water feature using EZI ROC artifial Rock Easy care plants soften the water feature. These plants were chosen to compliment the feature and the growing conditions.
Landscape Project 5
Carine Landscaping division were asked to design and build a Rill running through outdoor steps. We used Stainless Steel for the Rill and wrapped the steps in Macrocarpa. Atmospheric lighting and well placed river stones finished the area off nicely. In addition, we extended the existing patio to meet the Rill.
A blank canvas to work with Transforming the landscape, a rill running down to reservoir through steps built of Macrocarpa and paving slabs Rill runs down garden steps Water feature Nearing Completion The pump is tested before the urn is placed Easy care plants soften the water feature. These plants were chosen to compliment the feature and the growing conditions. The view from the top of the Rill. We extended the patio to meet the Rill and Steps. The extended patio links the original patio to the Rill and the Steps Extending the patio to link two areas The patio at night with atmospheric lighting The patio at night View from patio to the Rill Soft lighting makes the patio the perfect place to spend an evening Looking down the Rill at night. For the full effect, wait until dark and switch on the lights. Fabulous!
Landscape Project 6
Sometimes a simple solution is the best. This clients neighbour was unhappy with leaves blowing through the trellis fence. We tidily fitted shade cloth to each fence panel. Easy on the eye when viewed from both sides of the fence, no more leaves and two happy neighbours. Job done.
Trellis fence allowed leaves to blow through to neighbours property Tidily fitted shade cloth on each fence panel solves the problem
Landscape Project 7
We worked with this client who is a landscape designer to help him realise his design. We started with a boardwalk to link two rock gardens. We also created a water feature within a natural native bush setting. We laid a concrete footing and clad it in rocks. The water ran down the feature and was recirculated through a filter system and a pump house.
A raised boardwalk under construction overlooking native bush Decking boards being laid on raised boardwalk Decking boards almost completed Finishing off a tidy decking job Boardwalk completed. Now onto the water feature Creating a natural looking water feature in native bush requires careful manouvering of heavy equipment We dug out the step shapes before pouring the concrete. Concrete steps and sides in place Natural Rocks were used to clad the concrete base The finished water feature running down to the deck Building a pump house Pump House finished A serious water feature requires a serious pump
Landscape Project 8
Our client had a sloping section and wanted to create some flat areas for children to play on. We used large river washed rocks to retain the banks and built some river rock steps to make it easy to get from level to level. Can you spot the steps in the last photo?
This slope requires some levelling Start the digger, theres earth to be moved The first flat area laid out with washed river boulders Flat area lined with smooth river boulders Looking toward the 2nd flat area Big open flat spaces ideal for fun with the kids Can you see the steps?
Landscape Project 9
This project had a number of differnt elements. The front driveway had steep slopes that were difficult to maintain and retain. We came up with a plan to retain the banks with railway sleeper features and rocks. Large rocks either side of the gateway were placed ready for a gate to be hung. This was followed with a Kwila boardwalk and stairway linking the driveway to the the back of this sloping property. Raised beds were added to enable easy vegetable gardening. Not wanting to leave any family members out of the picture, the family dog also got a new kennel, shelter and run.
This slope requires some retaining A driveway in need of retaining Trench dug and retaining sleepers in place Retaining wall and railway sleeper features An improvement to the driveway New low maintenance driveway No more high maintenance bank, just low maintenace terraced areas Large Rock make impressive gate posts - ready for the gate to be hung Feature Rocks for either side of the gate Kwila Deck and raised vegetable bed Kwila Deck and steps and raised vegetable bed Kwila steps join boardwalks Kwila steps Kwila deck Kwila deck close up And a new home for the dog Shelter and run for the dog Dog run, shelter and kennel
Landscape Project 10
Our client owned a distinctive property and wanted a large water feature to display a collection of fish and aquatic plants. We came up with a plan using natural river boulders and wound paths, boardwalks and steps around and through the feature to allow viewing from every angle.
Steps and paths through the river boulders A water fall into the main pond Paving slab and gravel path to the bridge will be softened by the planting in time. A grand water feature Platform over the water We added atmospheric lighting under the bridge. Trickling stream with path alongside A series of small falls  keep the water flowing Water trickles beside the curved steps Steps curve around the river boulders beside trickling water Multi level water feature with steps to unite areas As the plants grow they will soften the edges and define the different areas of this water feature The bridge and mini dam provides a calm area amongst the running water Thoughtful planting will compliment the feature Large Boulders make the feature look well established The boulder wall makes this feature visible from a distance. Seating and platforms incorporated into the feature guarentee it will become the place to relax for the whole family.
Landscape Project 11
An old retaining wall had been badly affected by a land slip which was putting two other properties at risk. We worked with S&L consulting engineers to come up with a solution including engineered gabion walls alongside traditional timber retaining walls. A new drainage system was also required to divert spring water from the area.
First we built some temporary storage for our materials Clearing the bank Preparing the base with metal, liner and drainage pipes Setting up the Gabion baskets Gabion Walls being filled Gabion Walls being built Building Gabion Walls Engineered Gabion Walls being built to support this steep bank Using the right machinery for the job. Preparation for the wooden retaining wall that  will stand above the gabion walls Wooden retaining wall being prepared for back filling Preparing for back fill Back filling the retaining wall Retaining walls finished A tidy job that will hold back the slips for years to come Staggering the retaining walls to create more strength A big improvement over the old bank.
Landscape Project 12
A straight forward job when you've got the right equipment. We used our Avant Loader to relocate these large palms. Find out more about our earthworks machinery here.
Moving Large palms with our Avant Loader Two palms in place, one more to go Final palm on its way.
Landscape Project 13
Our brief was to create a decorative water feature that would double as a paddling pool. The addition of different fountains within the feature makes it both decorative and a great place for the kids to cool down at play in the summer.
Laying the foundation for the water feature Frame built and ready Water spouts will keep children entertained for hours Artificial Rock edges the pool Directional water jets make this a fun feature for the kids to use all summer Recirculation makes this paddling pool water efficient The Finished water feature / paddling pool. Happy kids, happy parents.
Landscape Project 14
A pre built wooden structure needed lining to engineering specifications. We used firestone pond liner to complete the job.
Laying the foundation for the water feature Firestone Pond Liner being craned into the structure Preparing to line the structure Lining the structure Finishing off the edges to make a tidy job
Landscape Project 15
The base was already here, we fitted the pond liner and water feature and added a ballcock and pump.
The mirror reflects the feature Firestone Pond Liner being craned into the structure
Landscape Project 16
A deck, water feature and steps with stylish curves set off this prestigious property.
Curves on the deck compliment the curves of the house Bridge crossing the water feature Step, curves, fountain and bridge. This job has it all Water feature
Landscape Project 17
We created steps and platforms through this sloping garden to ease maintenance and create pleasing areas throughout the garden.
Before we began Before the platforms were built Step, curves, fountain and bridge. This job has it all The garden is easier to maintain from the platforms Close up of the platforms The garden is now a pleasure to deal with
Landscape Project 18
A unique water feature built to the clients plan. Another dream come true. Lined with Firestone Pond Liner.
Angled view of the water features main attraction. An overview of the water feature in place. Close up of this unique water feature.
Landscape Project 19
A small section brightened up with a bamboo fence and feature. We extended the patio area and put in a new path to prevent further lawn damage.
The lawn with quite serious damage. More lawn damage around the patio area. The new water feature with the extended patio area. Full view of the extended patio area and water feature. Close up of the water feature. The new path and planting along the fence. The water feature and extended patio area from another viewing angle showing off the new bamboo fence.
Landscape Project 20
We love clients who think big. This client wanted a swimming pool with a diving rock and fountains. To compliment the pool we added a new deck and outdoor oven. Everything required for great summer entertaining.
Serious earth moving to make a hole for an in ground pool. The hole is given a sand base ready for the pool to be fitted Every pool should have a diving board. We wanted an authentic kiwi swimming experience so adapted a large river boulder to be the diving platform. Diving Rock in place The swimming pool arrives. Pool in situe. We levelled around the sides and lay down sand in preperation for the patio slabs. Water sprays add extra fun. Rock Steps and Rock Diving Platform A new deck and seating area with fitted mood lights An outdoor fireplace compliments the deck and pool area Looking from the pool area to the deck